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In 1999, the Head Coach of the Comets (then known as Cooper City Comets) announced his retirement. In July of 1999, Christopher Anderson, Jr. took up the post as Facilities Manager and Head Coach of the Comets.

The 30-person team was in need of new leadership, and Chris brought with him a fresh, ambitious, and back-to-basics approach to coaching.

The following year an opportunity arose that would forever change the potential of the Comets. Limited to share a 25-yard pool with community residents and a dozen community programs, the team often had access to only a handful of lanes. Chris had the foresight to realize that the Comets would soon outgrow their home at the Rock Creek community pool in Cooper City.

Inspired by a dream to create the next winning age group swimming program in South Florida, Chris knew an Olympic-size pool would play an essential role in the team's rise to prominence. Finally, in 2000, Chris secured a change in home for the Comets. The new permanent training site for the Comets is the Jeffersonian inspired Academic Village, a multi-acre site complete with Pembroke Pines Charter High School; Broward Community College satellite campus; Florida International University satellite campus; Southwest Regional library; wetlands preserve; performing arts theater and an Olympic-size pool.

Chris became Pembroke Pines' first full-time swim coach. Dean Combs, Parks and Recreation Director, said this of Chris in an interview with Sun-Sentinel reporter Nick Sortal, "Within three or four years we expect our program to rival those in Plantation and Coral Springs, and we believe Chris Anderson is the guy who will take us there."

Since then, each year the Comets have grown considerably and continue aiming for the top spot among Florida's winning swim teams. Currently, the Comets are ranked within the top 100 teams in the nation (among over 5000) and have had two swimmers participate in the Olympic Games. Chris and his dedicated coaching staff are steadily steaming ahead in their goals to turn the Comets into a statewide and national powerhouse in swimming.

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