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The Comets swim team seeks to create an environment in which every participant has an opportunity to learn, grow, and mature as an athlete. Sports, especially swimming, require discipline of mind and body, teamwork, a competitive spirit, and above all, a sense of commitment. We aim to foster not only a sense of competitiveness among our athletes but also values such as good sportsmanship, goal setting, responsibility and personal drive.

The passion that brings our coaches and swimmers out to practice on a daily basis is a love for our sport. In practices our training regiment constantly challenges swimmers to reach for their best. As a result, our swimmers develop the physical, mental, and emotional skills needed to find success not only in their sport, but also in their studies and life's goals.


When it comes to the performance of our athletes we believe that being content with mediocrity is a prelude to failure. On the other hand, accepting only perfection leads to dissapointment. Therefore, we teach our athletes that somewhere in between lies the recipe for success. We aim to create an atmosphere where swimmers learn how to work hard, strive for their personal best, and rise above challenges. We seek to build athletes that are confident, capable, and crave competition.



Our coach's daily training goal is to empower the individual to reach his or her potential. Our long-term goal for each athlete is to set them on a path to a collegiate career. Therefore, we take the academic progress of our athletes very seriously. Once our swimmers graduate high school we want them to be academically and athletically prepared for college.

As coaches we use every method possible for our athletes to be successful at the local and national level. Our swimmers consistently rank in top-spots at the high-school level and in regional championships. In 2004, we had our first athlete participate in the Olympic Games. Numerous high school graduates of the program are continuing their swimming careers in college; some even recieved swimming and/or academic scholarships that cover tuition and provide room and board.

Though our program is still in its infancy, there is nothing small about our ambitions. We aspire to become the top team in the Florida Gold Coast and gain recognition as a model for excellence in swim clubs across United States Swimming. We our excited about our past achievements and eagerly looking forward to the many milestones to come.


Training Techniques...

To help our athletes achieve the results they desire in the water we develop their technique by including training drills for each stroke, positive critiques by coaches, and a myriad of workouts based on research that are designed to build an athlete's competence and race-day confidence. We also incorporate out-of-water techniques such as strength training, calisthenics, dry-land exercises, technique videos, and filming critiques whenever appropriate.

SOFLO’s Alia Atkinson Takes Silver At Short Course World Championships London 
                        Olympics 2012
                        Olympics 2012 London 
                        Olympics 2012
                        Olympics 2012 London 
                        Olympics 2012

GREAT Moments in London!
                        Olympics 2012
                        ALIA ATKINSON
                        ALIA ATKINSON SOFLO's 
                        Alia Atkinson Advanced to Finals in 100 Breaststroke during the 2012 London 
SOFLO's Alia Atkinson Advanced to Finals in 100 Breaststroke during the 2012 London Olympics Olympian ALIA 

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